Purchasing A Projector For Office Use

A projector is also referred to as an image projector. This s a device used for projecting images onto a surface. The various images are projected onto the projection screen. This device uses light to project images. The modern projectors are using laser technology to project the image on the screen directly. This article is going to highlight some of the important factors that you need to take into account before purchasing a DLP/LCD projector.


A projector with a higher brig09876dtyfujkkiopk[htness produces clear pictures which are visible. Most of the available projectors have a brightness ranging from 2000-4000 lumens which are sufficient for use even in the large auditoriums. This level of brightness can allow you to view the images in your offices even when the lights are off. You should, therefore, go for a projector with a high brightness rating.


Colour reproduction

The projector’s screen color if different from that found on the laptop’s/monitor’s screen. The LCD projectors are effective in reproducing the natural colors. This factor should be checked carefully through a demo. This will help you in choosing the best model of the projector.

Lamp replacement

The projector’s lamps are very costly. It might cost you about 60% of the original cost when replacing these lamps. These lamps have a lifespan of about 200 to 3000 working hours although this is dependent on the manufacturer. It is very expensive to replace a lamp whose life has been exhausted. In fact, you are advised to purchase a new projector once the lamps are exhausted since the prices of projectors are always falling. This is relatively cheaper compared to replacing the expensive projector lamps.


The projector’s resolutiwfqegrehthretehreon should match that of your laptop or computer. This is practically impossible sometimes since the resolution of your projector is 1024×7578 (XGA). This resolution is considered to be much less as compared to that supported by the modern laptops. This means that you might be forced to change your laptop’s resolution to match that of the projector. Matching of the laptops/computers resolution with that of the projector enables one to get clear pictures and words/characters.

Ceiling mount

The ceiling mount does not come with the projectors. This device is purchased independently alongside with its VGA/A-V cables. It is important for the projector to be installed permanently over the ceiling. The projector should be out of reach. The projector can also be kept on a table to facilitate its movement in different locations or rooms. The modern projectors are portable as they are very light and small.